Valet trash pickup is a full-service door-to-door garbage collection amenity commonly offered by apartment communities to facilitate luxury living convenience for residents. Our concierge waste collection agency employs a team of professional trash butlers who routinely and responsibly retrieve and remove bagged garbage from doorsteps throughout Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, including both Pearland and Baytown. We at Round Up Services LLC proudly serve local apartment homes, multi-family rental properties, condominiums, student housing complexes, senior and living centers.

Litter removal services is a custodial lot cleaning amenity leveraged by the owners or operators of businesses, office parks, event venues, schools, administrative buildings, restaurants, shopping malls and more. Carried out by professional groundskeepers and attendants, our outdoor trash removal service involves the tidying up of parking lots, parking garages, car parks, cemetery plots and other properties. We safely remove and recycle broken glass, food wrappers, soda cans, bottles, plastic shopping bags, cigarettes and other articles of discarded debris until each lot is spotless.