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A littered lot is an eyesore. Present your place of business with a clean slate each day of the week by having us routinely round up the litter polluting property grounds. Litter removal professionals equipped with an arsenal of well-built trash pick up tools and accessories, we clean parking lots, parking garages, outdoor plazas, shopping centers, business parks and more throughout the city of Houston and surrounding areas.

Maintaining neat and orderly grounds with routine lot cleaning helps ward off wildlife, contributes to property values, helps prevent injuries, impresses partners or potential clients, and makes storefronts significantly more attractive to local foot traffic. Litter-free properties are more likely to draw the attention of a passersby, deter crime and set forth a well-kept appearance as a visual demonstration of professionalism. Let our team of cleaning professionals give your commercial property the thorough cleaning it needs!

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Glass, dirt, trash, and other items can make a parking lot look unkempt and unattractive. Regular cleaning of your parking lot or garage is essential if you want to save money on expensive repairs, avoid injuries and prevent customer complaints. Our staff will come out and do a full cleaning of your parking lot or garage, leaving it beautiful and neat. We offer one-time service or regularly scheduled maintenance for your convenience.


There are several reasons for keeping your parking lot or garage clean, including:

  • Attract Customers: No one wants to spend time in a scary and filthy-looking parking garage.
  • Provide Safety To Visitors: A clean area makes people feel more safe and secure.
  • Improve Surface Lifespan: Clean surfaces help prevent harmful substances that cause severe destruction.
  • Additional Appeal: Increase curb appeal and the value of your property.

Round Up Services, LLC helps ensure that your visitors have a strong first impression from the moment they step foot on your property. Our Houston parking lot cleaning services are the convenient, cost-effective way to help maintain your property. The local for-hire lot litter removal specialists you can count on, we service luxury hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, strip malls, retail outlets, hospitals, fairgrounds, schools, office buildings, car lots and dealerships, event venues, banquet halls and more. Our top of the line cleaning equipment is prepared to fit all of your needs. Whether it’s cleaning up after a street festival, cleaning your parking lots and garages, or sweeping warehouses and distribution centers to maintain a clean and safe environment, our professional team is ready and able to provide a high quality, cost-effective cleaning. Request a free quote online to receive an estimate!

We also service other surrounding Texas cities including: Webster, League City, Seabrook, Baytown, and more.