parking lot cleaning

Round Up Services, LLC provides landlords, property managers, businesses, realtors, and other property owners with the ultimate litter and debris cleanup solutions in Seabrook, Texas and surrounding areas. We keep your entire property exteriors free of unwanted litter and debris, including parking lots, garages, loading docks, sidewalks, warehouses, and more. Our service help raise property values and keep communities healthy and prospering.


It is considered good management practice to have your parking lots cleaned on a regular basis. The more traffic your parking lot or garage receives, the dirtier the asphalt will become over time. Dirt and other debris will conceal parking space lines while gum and other trash can ruin your parking lot’s overall appearance. Empty bottles, broken glass and other litter can make customer parking spots look unkempt, unsafe and neglected. You don’t want to ruin your business’s reputation simply because of a dirty parking lot. Instead, use our Seabrook parking lot cleaning services to get rid of litter and asphalt stains which will make parking lines easier for customers to see while also increasing property value.

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A clean parking lot or parking garage makes an excellent first impression and attracts customers. This isn’t something most people will usually think of, unless the parking lot is dirty and untidy. This could indicate that the business doesn’t value itself or its patrons. An attractive or clean parking lot which is free of garbage, oil slicks, and debris tells customers that you take pride in your business, the environment, surroundings, and visitors. Customers and other visitors pay attention to where their hard-earned dollars are being spent. Sweeping parking lots and garages is also a great way to prevent erosion. When any surface does not get cleaned on a regular basis, silt, dirt, and debris build up and can wear on the surface in question, be it asphalt or concrete. Dirt, sand, and other particles are abrasive to surfaces and can cause pre-mature deterioration. Let our Seabrook litter removal services keep your exterior beautiful and inviting to everyone. Just request your free parking lot cleaning quote right now!


Companies in Seabrook know that a person’s first impression is primarily influenced by the appearance of their outdoor space, which is why they rely on parking lot cleaning services. Today, maintaining a clean parking space with regular parking lot cleansing has become a requirement in Seabrook’s highly competitive market. We’re proud to offer reliable, affordable solutions for all of your parking lot cleaning and litter removal needs. We provide expert residential and commercial parking lot or garage cleaning services in the Seabrook, TX area and are devoted to removing dirt, grit, and other abrasive residuals from parking lots and other concrete parking areas. These areas accumulate trash and other impurities and if your parking lot is frequently visited by pedestrians, it’s extremely important to keep it free of debris to avoid any hazardous obstacles on the ground which might cause injuries for those walking by. Round Up Services, LLC is a company you can trust with your parking lot maintenance – so consider getting a free quote today!

We also service other surrounding Texas cities including: Webster, Seabrook, Baytown, Houston, and more.