valet trash service Houston

How Valet Trash Service Works

Curious about how valet trash service works? A service amenity available for multi-family housing units such as apartment communities and dormitories, valet trash collection entails the doorstep retrieval and disposal of bagged garbage. Residents simply need to place their tied and ready trash bags in the provided trash bins and set them on their doorsteps […]

everyday items that don't belong in the trash

Items That Don’t Belong In The Trash

When you decide to clean your home, the trash container might seem like the ultimate solution for all of your clutter. Old magazines, receipts that date back years, empty hygiene bottles, and even fabric scraps or broken utensils. Whatever we come across and no longer need when cleaning is something we usually end up just […]

types of recycling

The 3 Different Types Of Recycling

Recycling is the process of collecting different waste materials and transforming the back into raw materials. Those raw materials can then be processed into new products. The amazing magic of turning trash into useful products is what made recycling so popular to begin with. Imagine this: the first documented use of recycling dates back to […]