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How Valet Trash Service Works

Curious about how valet trash service works? A service amenity available for multi-family housing units such as apartment communities and dormitories, valet trash collection entails the doorstep retrieval and disposal of bagged garbage. Residents simply need to place their tied and ready trash bags in the provided trash bins and set them on their doorsteps at the designated time on the allotted pickup days. Once the trash has been picked up, the trashcans can be placed back inside the residence.

Who retrieves the trash bags?
Professional porters employed by the valet trash company are the ones who handle pickups. These helpful trash butlers go door to door picking up garbage bags from the doorsteps of community residents. The bags must be tied, placed in the supplied bin and in a sound state (not torn, ripped or split) for the attendants to pick them up.

What kind of trash bin is to be used?
Wondering what size or kind of trashcan to use? No problem! The valet trash removal company that services the property will supply a leak-proof waste bin for each resident. Using these assigned trashcans allows trash collectors to differentiate from discarded garbage and other bagged items that may be near or at your doorway.

Where is the trash disposed of?
The team of trash porters round up trash and dispose of it in dumpsters located on the property. This service allows residents to avoid hauling and disposing of trash themselves to save time, effort and hassle. You bag it, they grab it.

How often is the trash picked up?
Valet trash collection agencies perform pickups on scheduled weekdays at specific times usually during evening hours. Residents will be notified of any changes to the agreed upon schedule ahead of time so that they can make plans accordingly.

Valet trash service is an amenity of convenience that proposes a number of advantages for residents and property managers alike. Service agreements can vary property to property, so it’s recommended you speak with management if you have any questions regarding the scheduling of your trash pick up.

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